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Reflection Series

Reflection Series Artist Statement

The Reflection series explores the world from its reflection in panes of glass.  I am intrigued by the distortion that occurs in some glass, multiple reflections superimposed in other glass and, occasionally, the exact reflection in near-perfect glass.  There is a haziness that occurs on gray, overcast days, but even on those days the light bounces off the glass almost serendipitously.  Reflections can be slightly grayer than their surroundings, which may be the only indication that the viewer is looking at glass.  It is challenging to create perspective and depth in two dimensional art, which adds to my fascination with it.

I often think about how we reflect the world around us to others, and how that is interpreted by others. Our unique perceptions create unique reflections, and like mirrors or glass, as reflection repeats multiple times, it becomes quite different from the original perception.

Reflection #9

Reflection #8

Reflection #7

Reflection #6: Parkside Reflections

Reflection #5

Reflection #4

Reflection #3

Reflection #1

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